We pride our service on many different things that separate us from other companies, such as:

Our Team

Up-front pricing - Our team will always give you the price up-front so that you can make an informed purchase/decision.

Professionals - You will find our team of highly trained technicians are clean-cut, uniformed, well mannered and respectful, are drug-free and background-checked so you feel comfortable and safe with our technicians in your home or office. You can see our stars and read about them on this website and their pictures are also posted in our office - we are proud of them!

Experience - Our team has worked on residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. We have over 100 years of experience on our team. We hire experienced technicians and continue to train weekly, keeping our technicians updated on codes and product changes! We understand that customers want professionalism and neat, trained tecnicians who are affordable and do the job right. After all it is your home or office and it is a valuble asset.

Vehicles - Our vans are well maintained both inside and out. You will find we carry hundreds of parts and different tools to get the job done. Our technicians will park roadside so that no damage is done to your driveway should an accidental leakage occur. If the unfortunate event happens that our van does not start, we'll call for our own tow truck, because it's not your problem.

A person answers the phone - That's right, a live person. Our highly trained customer service representatives can discuss your electrical problem/needs, book an appoinment and give you peace of mind!

Warranty - Ours is in writing. Standard 1 year supplied parts and labor. OUTSTANDING 3 year on service equipment.


Other Companies

Surprise bills in the mail. No one likes surprises, but when their job runs over in time and materials, they need to make up the cost somehow. So you may get a surprise bill.

Who knows what they will look like when they show up - a rock band member or a tattoo artist? Are they listening to you, the customer, or the radio headset as they are jammin? Do you have to babysit them because you don't feel your home is safe with them around?


Is the person sent by the other company a "green" electrician? Does he even deserve to be called an electrician? Is the electrician learning by on-the-job-training and your home is the guinea pig?



Will you have to call a tow truck for the beat-up rusty old van that just left marks on your driveway? Is the so called electrician now hanging out inside your home wating on you to call for the tow truck? Great, now you also have to entertain him after you babysat!


Have you ever gotten voice mail that said, "Leave me a message and when I get this fish off the hook, I'll call you back"? Well, you know their priority!

Their warranty may be the taillight kind!

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